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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  October 26, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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a burglar targets a woman who is pregnant. >> and he is one big lizard with sharp teeth. pleading with whoever took him to bring him back. >> and the damage is extensive, dozens of after italy. thanks for joining us. two teen girls fighting for their lives. infectious say a drunk driving is to blame. >> they were pushing their car when the driver slammed into them. >> reporter: i'm told that both girls are expected to survive. one of them right now is in surgery here at the hospital.
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a trio of teens hitting head last night when their car runs out of the gas. >> they tried to push it off the road, and somebody hit her in the back at about 25, 30 miles an hour and just disintegrated her lower legs. >> reporter: she is just 16. other girl also suffering serious injuries to her legs. both were pinned between cars. the third teen was okay. >> hoping for the best. >> reporter: but it's a long road as doctors are fighting to save more legs. she's an able to open her eye more. sorry
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hospital too and suspected. any charges are pending until he's release. >> i just know he was drunk and didn't have a license. >> reporter: her family tell me they sfratly are trying to get li mindy needs her dog now more than ever. we're getting our first look at surveillance video from night thieves that stole three puppies from inside a valley shelter. they were being treated for upper respiratory infections. if they're not brought back, they could die.
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still involved in some off the court trouble in the valley. they are being sued by a man who complains the pair beat him up. he filed a lawsuit claiming the brothers attacked him after a basketball game last year. he's say the twins beat up the guy for sending inappropriate text messages to their mother. race better whys swinging through the valley with donald trump jr. a new poll shows hillary clinton 14 points ahead of trump with hockey he voters.
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early voting. but you know the polls can vary. others have trump ahead of clinton. right now it is the great pumpkin ramping. >> all going down in buckeye. what thieves might do with hundreds of pumpkins >> reporter: two long rows of pumpkins were completely wiped >> around the country. >> reporter: owners of this farm don't know why someone was steal pumpkins or how. >> it had to have been a fairly large pickup with a giant truck bed or a cargo van. i couldn't
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stolen pumpkins? >> the only thing is somebody is going to try and resell them. >> reporter: the whole thing has left the staff with a spooky feeling. >> in some way, you to feel sort of violated somebody came on your property without permission. >> reporter: the thiefs did leave behind a few old squishy pumpkins. but the owners are bringing in new replenish. we should know by friday if noter dame prep football team will be allowed in the playoffs. they were band because of two ruleses violations. leaders and came under heavy pressure and filed an apeel today. the sale woman arrested on
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they are accused of beating and starving their daughter. their older daughter says the girl has problems. a valley couple expecting a baby any day says thieves targeted them because their landlords put up a for sail sign. >> and the thief was caught on camera. >> moving is a getting stuff stolen in the process is worse, especially items that can't be replaced. confident or extremely stupid, this guy is looking to break in. >> hopped the fence, walks around the house, comes to the side door, and then proceeds to grab stuff out of the office, >> reporter: computer tower, hard drives, cameras.
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taken. the loss around $10,000. >> you won't ever get some of those things back. >> reporter: for full disclosure, christina black is our coworker, nine months pregnant and in the middle of moving out. >> no one thinks they're gonna get robbed. you don't expect that. >> reporter: while most of their stuff is gone, they still have running. last week a woman walked around and didn't take anything. the next day, this guy makes his move. chaos and panic on a sxurlt train after it filled with smoke.
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people started kicking out windows. ash carter is citing efforts in california. putting as little burden as possible on soldiers and their families. sdrauk video from italy. the country earthquakes. you can see should of the damage. about 60 after shocks have struck since the initial 5.4 quake. is there have been no reports of serious injuries. thieves stole a large exotic lizard. the owner is afraid it would be aggressive to pets and children.
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thinks thinks it is very peaceful but can become dangerous if agitated or hungry. >> he was taken out of his home in the middle of the night, an unexperienced person, someone or a pet could get mauled let's get a look at our forecast. beautiful night tonight after temperatures dwoltum to 96 degrees. the -- got up to next degrees. right now, sitting at 80 degrees. mostly clear conditions. light out of the west southwest at 6 miles per hour. and the heat, that's what everybody is talking about for october. 23 days at or above 90 degrees.
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clear skies across the valley. a few clouds. temperature going to climb. record tomorrow 98, that's what's in the forecast. rush hour, temperatures dropping down to sunrise. 98 thursday, temperatures over the weekend, still well above average. the average high is 86. and on halloween, temperatures as high as 90 degrees. by the time sun sets around 5:30, temperatures drop into the mid-80s. not bad for trick or treaters. definitely
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we're gonna have how i valley organization is giving anybody who is considering maybe being a foster parent the answers they need. >> and you're gonna want to know that crooks don't care when you vote for trump or clinton.
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crews are searching for survivors off columbia after this massive landslide. there is
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main artery to bogota. if we provide you with these materials, connect but a licensing agency, the road to becoming a licensed foster home is that much simper. >> a lot of people do want to help but it is not an easy road to become a foster patient. >> that group is trying to streamline things to encourage people to open up their homes to any of currently in the state system. >> one foster dad i spoke with said he has no intention of fostering right now. when he was driving home, he saw a 12-year-old laying in this bush. >> i could tell by the way he looked at me, he was reaching out without saying i need help. >> reporter: this man is talking about his basketball
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his son. >> what do i do? i'm a single guy with a dog one day. now i'm guardian and parent to a young child. >> reporter: that turned out to be a very complicated question. >> what is available as a resource? instead i have to spend four, five, six hours a day making phone calls to figure out what do i do? >> agenciesville thi that's all they want to do. we believe that collaboration is everything. >> reporter: arizona helping hands in scottsdale provides nesesities like beds to foster families. the president envisions a space twice as big. a fresh course of foster parenting 101. >> we are not stopping models of this throughout the country, trying to develop ourselves.
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extracurricular activities to parenting tips to working the gps, he sees this becoming a reality in the next year or so. >> i would do it again, absolutely. >> many of his friends want to help too but they're afraid too because of the system. the waying people to get a bed from arizona helping hand is two weeks. less than two weeks until election day. just like the candidates, stepping up their game. emrals and phone calls to watch out for. >> it's the cyber security experts, the number of phishing attacks related to the election is rising dramatically. they may
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or "hillary indicted ." malware is probably downloaded onto your computer when you click on the links and your personal information is now at risk. experts are seeing annane crease in the political scam phone calls. most are related to voter verification. sdoofrl are don't click on links from political e-mails unless you donate directly to the candidate's website, not over the phone. and the key is don't be lured into clicking on a link by a selabors headline by one of
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>> >> apple users, grab your iphone and do a security update right now or hackers could get you. they roll out a brand-new update tent. the patch is a home in the soft wraer that allowed jashgz pegs to hack your iphone. toyota working to p road in japan, europe,china dauz of potentially -- because of potentially deadly airbags. subaru is remembering 100,000 suvs and cars because the air pump can catch fire.
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impereza, or certain 2009 foresters here. an update on the mysterious balls. light that could be seen in the dark night sky last night. >> there were even similar reports that came in last friday! >> dr. lin witnessed the event right there. and she has dedicated her life to researching ushgdz fo's. >> i would have to see more documentation to make a decision decision.
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those are all possible alternate theories. a team at georgia's institute of technology is work on a tablet that can charge your devices. it stores energy from the sun. if successful, the fabric can lead to a new line of wearable tech devices. we might learn morebo why apcell delaying the rollout of these headphones. the new software makes it easier to create theed graphics.
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is the creativity. and graves are one -- i wonder if they can do the 3d just yet.
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tomorrow morning mostly clear skies. temperatures comfortable. time to get outside. heat kicking up in the afternoon. lower 70s around 6:30. lowest temperature with 71 at sunrise. 40 in flagstaff for a low.
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here's your high temperatures, record 98. 98 degrees our forecast high. see if you can beat that record. lower 70s for highs in flagstaff. opening night after missing the playoffs. finally feeling like they're headed in the right ct tefbon booker and the young suns. not having it. the suns take an early half lead. they have three teenagers on the floor at the same time, making history tonight. booker the breakouter slam -- breakout slam. bender had 10.
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drop it 113-94. >> one thing that -- autophysical with our second unit. and in the 1st quarter, 16 is unacceptable. the young guys in the 2nd half, that is our second unit. claimed the arizona fall league trying to add world series roster. he was in the game tonight. comes up big in a big situation. another r.b.i. he's the first player in history to not get a hit in the
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game 3 at writing fee field on friday. >> i really don't remember that moment. it was that crazy to me going in my head. i'm still baffled about it. cardinals try and sort out a tie to the seahawks >> it's bad for the team, it's bad for football. i could see that. but they have is a predictable case and it'll happen to him again. >> can you change it, but your guy starts up at all side,
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i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. paul babeu oversaw a place of horrors as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. students were denied basic human rights and were subject to sexual abuse. arizona deserves better. arizona's largest newspapers endorse tom o'halleran for congress. "the republic" says, "elect tom o'halleran. his words match his work." and "the daily star" said, tom o'halleran -- a leader we can trust. vo: 13 year-old sabrina told a school counselor she was raped by her uncle. her counselor called sheriff joe arpaio's office. but arpaio failed to protect her. for three more years, sabrina's uncle continued to rape her - and arpaio did nothing. rapes, assaults, even child molestation, remain uninvestigated,
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arpaio talks tough,
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paul babeu is abusive. physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. woman: a school that used to be run by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. disturbing. man: babeu's school was unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. house majority pac is responsible
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>> we're gonna wake up to 70. >> i'm just guessing. [ laughter ] >> high tomorrow 98. enjoy. [ laughter ] i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it.
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self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: amy, no more meetings, please. i've got to finish the monologue. >> okay. >> stephen: am i talking to you on my stapler? >> yes. >> oh, stephen! oooh. >> stephen: good lord! it's a scary ghost, just in time for halloween. >> what? no, i'm the ghost of christmas past. >> stephen: christmas past? it's october! >> i know. it gets earlier and earlier every year. they make me work on thanksgiving. >> stephen: look, buddy, i'm sorry, i'm just-- i'm not ready for christmas yet. i haven't even carved my pumpkin. you're going to have to come


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